Monday, October 29, 2012

Take a Seat


     If you've ever been to a government office, this caption reflects the attitude that you'll receive from most of the workers there.  The Department of 'whatever' is often a waiting place for you to get the run around when your name is finally called.
     People want more government in their lives?  Do you want all your activities to need a permit or have regulations?  I know we used to go mudding in our jeeps but the areas allowed got smaller and smaller to grant such access to fun.
     How many of you out there avoid the emergency room because of the long waits?  If the government goes to socialized medicine, you can expect long waits for everything, not just emergency trips.  Countries who now have 'free' medical care, also have long waiting lists for surgeries.  How would you like to wait 6 months for a procedure you need now?
     This is just some food for thought until you cast your vote.  Remember as you wait in that long voting line, think to yourself.. 'Do I want my life run by the government on an even bigger scale?'