Friday, August 31, 2012

Others First

Let all that you do be done in love<3

     When I consider this verse, I think 'I do that' but it is also when it's my idea.  I take people food or do something to make somebody feel special.  Then there are those opposite moments when someone wants let in during traffic?  Whoa buddy, you can forget it!  So, maybe I don't live up to this verse as well as I thought.
     Are we always available to lend a helping hand or is it just when it fits our schedule?  Do we consider another's weakness for alcohol before we order a bottle of wine for the dinner table? Thinking of others first means putting thought into our actions without a 'me' attitude involved. We are each fighting a battle of some sort so we need to be sensitive to the lives of others. We are not all in the same boat and the leak in it is not all in the same place for everyone.
     This verse also reminds me of Marco Rubio's statement last night about how his parents and other parents did what they could in life so that their kids would have more opportunities than they did.  'Others' is not limited to our kids in the verse but we must humble ourselves and be generous to all.
     'You go first' should be said more often than just in risk taking moments.