Friday, October 28, 2011

100th Blog

     I can't believe that I've written 100 blogs already but thats what blogspot tells me. Actually this is the 100th.  It seems like just yesterday my friend, Gloria, was urging me to start a blog. I had been reading hers, Under Her Wings, for awhile and just thought it to be an overwhelming task. Well I jumped in with both feet blindly and somehow didn't drown as I expected. It is now my favorite hobby.  I'm so glad Gloria lit the spark to the little fire inside me that I can share with you.  The blog has taught me a lot through looking up relevant bible verses, to sharing my opinions on difficult subjects tactfully, and the growth of dear friendships.  What a blessing this blog has been to me.  I look forward to writing it every day that I can and am anxious to see what is in store for the blogs to come.
     Thank you to all who read my blogs.  Thanks especially to those who comment on here, verbally, or by email to me. Your support means alot.
     And that's that!