Saturday, February 11, 2012


maxine is so amusing

     Now I know the real reason why our family has never been a fan of buffet It's an aging reminder. Besides the fact that the food has all been touched or sneezed on by everybody.   
      I love Maxine. I think she's wise yet sarcastic enough to tell you the truth like you've never heard it before.  If you know who 'Walter' the puppet of Jeff Dunham is, I think they'd make the perfect couple.  oops, I just checked, he's already married.
     Aging is not easy.  I think we do have to be able to not only laugh about it but to embrace it. I think the recent headlines of Demi Moore's struggles with getting older are sad for her.  I think it shows a lost soul when all you have to cling to is the flesh.  It's going to change, fade, die and return to dust so I think the soul should take priority.
     Gray hair is from the trials God has brought you thru.  Sagging is from all the years you been blessed with being exposed to gravity.  Short term memory loss is so you can remember the old times even better. 
     They say 'only the good die young' but let's keep on aging gracefully and say 'only the best, outlast the rest.'