Thursday, February 21, 2013


Trust God! :)

     Do you ever think 'oh great, here we go again' when you face a problem for the second or third time?  I think we often remember how hard it was to overcome and how long it took, rather than the steadfastness of the Lord's faithfulness.  We remember the pain or hardship of a problem and not the glory that shined through it.  Strength shows itself stronger through our sufferings.
     'The Lord will provide' in all circumstances.  Our clearest view of the future is reflecting on God's past work in our lives.  Have you ever really done without?  Doubtful, unless a prideful heart interfered.  Everything happens for a reason, it's not coincidence.
     I encourage you to take a look into your past and see how trusting God overpowered any worry or fear you had with a problem.  It's like in the Footprints poem, 'Where were You when I needed You most?  I carried you.'