Thursday, March 8, 2012

Find the Beauty

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     Yes, it is dark and dreary outside right now.  The rain is pouring down at a pretty fast rate.  It's not the sort of day that makes you want to run outside and do all your errands today, does it?
      It is a pretty ugly day but can we find some beauty in it?  1] We definetely needed the rain with all the fire dangers in the past few days.  2] Rainy days give you time for indoor projects that may have been pushed aside. 3]  It cleans away some of that pollen that has been causing havoc with allergy sufferers. 4]  Alot of people sleep better when it's raining so maybe those that are sleep deprived can catch up a little today.  5] The rain may cause some of us to pause and slow down a little, even if it's just for a day. 6] Hey it could be snow, it is only March.
       So today, if you want to be bummed about the rain remember the attention you give it can be both positive or negative, it's up to you.