Monday, December 19, 2011

Go For It


     How many of us can claim to put the 'pro' in to 'procrastination?'  Don't we all look like the top kitten when something like the cluttered garage or the backlog of gifts to be wrapped is mentioned.  You think, yea I know it's there but I'll get to it later. Woah, to the daring soul who might ask you when you're going to start the put-off project. 'When I get good and ready' might be your answer.  Overwhelming is usually the best way to describe tackling such a feat.  When the time is either right or is up, you will get it done.  What a great feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.  Does your smile now resemble the kitten on the bottom as you shout 'woohoo'?
     This time of year can be stressful but don't let procrastination self-inflict it on you.  Get done what you can today, as that happy 'finished' smile awaits to be worn.