Monday, December 12, 2011



     'Hey' can be a powerful three letter word.  It can be a nice greeting to someone when you can't remember their name...hey there.  It can be a sharp, direct attention getter.. HEY! I'm talking to you. It's probably one of the loudest words I can say because it's one syllable and it doesn't require alot of air to deliver its punch.  I'll give two stories on 'hey', with and without effect.
     One cold winter day in Springfield, I decided to go to the local grocery store, Price Cutter.  I noticed after I got in the van that my scooter's battery was low. I thought it would be fine since I was just going to be in there for a few minutes. I parked in the space right in front of the sliding glass doors. When I came back out, it had begun to snow. I hurried to get the van open and get inside.  Well, no such luck.  My battery would only get my scooter half-way up the ramp.  Back down and try again..not any better. Okay so I just needed a push. I started out with the polite 'excuse me' as I tried to wave down people as they walked by.  I began to think I was invisible. So as the colder and more snowed on I got, the shorter my temper got.  The next shopper got a sharp 'HEY' from me and I got a push up the ramp and out of the snow.
     Another time, I was to stay overnight in the hospital to have a sleep study done.  They put me in a room with someone else.  I didn't know who they were or what they had but I did find out they snored louder than a freight train. I started out with 'shhh', then to 'SHHH!', and then ultimately 'HEY, BE QUIET.'  It was all of no use. The sleep study was a failure because I got no sleep all night.
     Do you hear God's whispers or is He shouting 'HEY' to try to get your attention?