Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Unexpected Trials

     Have you ever felt slighted for just being you?  Been judged by your cover?  Well that happened to me last night at Carino's in NLR last night.  Even tho I was the first on in the door with our group of five, the hostess totally considered me invisible.  Then when she seated us, she purposely went around me to give everybody else a menu.  She then asked 'does she need a menu?'  My mom said we could share but I demanded my own.  I mean is there a shortage?  Do people in wheelchairs not read?  I did not make a scene or issue of it then because we had company with us.  This is also not my first encounter with insensitive people so I just try to remind myself of the verse 'forgive them, for they know not what they do.'  We have informed the manager to educate and prevent further discrimination to other customers.
     Trials come in all forms and sometimes unexpectedly.  We overcome them with grace and a fault forgiving, grace filled attitude. [yes, that's not my strong suit]  Yes, it irks me to be thought of in a lesser sense than others but my strength and confidence in myself does not depend on their thoughts of me.