Wednesday, August 22, 2012


     This is me at age 6 from when we lived in Sherwood.  These are two ducks my dad killed and this is as close to being a hunter as I'll ever be.  I did give hunting one try when I was older but my desire to eat my candy bar overshadowed the need to be quiet.  I knew then and there, hunting was not my sport.  Duck is the only wildlife I will eat but other than that it's beef, chicken, pork or fish.
      Many people are hunting for meaning and purpose in this life.  Until you know you were made by God and for God, you'll never understand life.  People that can see, are yet blind and those that hear, are yet deaf to what is really important.  Our target is heaven but our aim is based on our relationship with Christ.  Is your sight set on your future above or the here and now?