Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Look

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     Okay, apparently some of you out there gave me 'the look' thru your computer screens over yesterday's blog. That's okay.  If you know me very well, then you've probably been on the receiving end of 'the look' from me at some  Since my voice is soft, sometimes the opportunity isn't right to say what I want.  Other times, I just know nothing good is going to come from my mouth so I keep it shut.  There are also times when no words are needed.  These are all scenarios when 'the look' might pop out.
     I'll give a couple of  I have an automatic bed and it broke a few months ago.  My dad said he'd fix it one day when I was upstairs taking a shower. Time passed till one day as I was going upstairs, I caught him in the driveway with a toolbox.  I asked, in a leading the witness kinda way, what are you going to work on? His trailer lights. Without a word spoken, I gave 'the look'. My eyes told and his eyes heard everything.  My bed has worked ever since I got back from that shower.
     One day, Charlene and I were out and she needed to run into the neighborhood market. I was going to wait for her in the van. I told her I was fine and there was no need to lock the van but she insisted.  When she came back, the remote wouldn't unlock the doors.  'The look' said with a panic, 'now I'm trapped.'  After a few more tries with the remote, she realized the old fashioned way would work.. the key.  lol. You might laugh but I didn't think of it either.
     We must be careful to watch what are eyes convey to others. Our thoughts can be boldly spoken by rolling our eyes or softly given by a subtle glance. Sometimes we aren't even aware our eyes are saying anything but they do.  Connie, who I worked with, could always tell if I didn't feel well. She'd say, I can see it in your eyes.
     Some times I need to close my mouth AND close my