Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's a God Thing

     I'm going to take a little creative twist on a common phrase and say 'It is better to have lived and lost, than to have never lived at all.'  Now this could be taken in different ways so I'll explain what I mean by it.
     'It's a God thing' that my neuromuscular disease wasn't just onset, but progressive.  That might sound a little perplexing but it's true.  I have been blessed in that I've spent the majority of my life with the physical ability to do what I've wanted to do.  I've been able to experience education to my desired level, travel to far off places, and live my own life for twelve years.  The progressive nature of my illness has allowed me to adapt to the weakness it causes with time.  Although I cannot do what I once did, I'm thankful for the times I could. I can often think 'been there, done that.'  I'm sure God has His purpose in both my active and less active years.
     We all have a progressive problem that causes weakening.  It's called 'aging.'  So mine is two-fold and has a faster rate of speed but the message is still the same.  Adapt as you go but just keep going.