Monday, August 13, 2012


    Did you pass on an opportune moment today or did you make the most of it?  Each day we are nudged by God to bless someone else with what we are able to give.  If we would take a moment to think about the hardship of another and act upon it, then the blessing is not just given but received.
    There are opportunities everywhere to be an example to others.  Taking cupcakes to my doctor's office today shows them that I appreciate what they do for me.  It's a little way to say 'thank you for doing more than just your job.'
     I cannot cook anymore but I can afford to buy a meal.  An older couple I know that have served in the church for many years are struggling themselves to stay at home themselves.  They are often overlooked and are not in the spotlight.  Taking them a meal today not only helps them nutritionally but lets them know they are loved and not forgotten.
     I don't write this to boast about my efforts but just to show we can all serve others in some way.  Showing God's love is an endless blessing to be poured out by each of us.