Monday, August 22, 2011


     Have you ever been so determined to do something that you ignore the obstacles in your path? Sometimes it's good to press on but other times you need discernment to recognize maybe this isn't a good idea. I've done both, been the striver and the foolish. Here's a lil story with examples of both.
     In the summer of 2001, Toby Keith came to the fair in Springfield, Mo. I was a huge TK fan then. Admission to the fair, 5 bucks or so, included free concerts. So I anxiously awaited TK's concert and told a friend's son that I would take him too. Well the day came and I went to work that day. I was so sick with a 101 fever, ugh. I worked all day and forgot to go by the bank on the way home. All I could think of was laying down when I got home. I realized our lack of money/cash situation after I got home so I had my friend raid my childhood piggy bank, lol. We had two ziploc bags of change, one to get in and one for food. Okay, a few more minutes of rest. I usually hang my purse on my scooter but I hung it on a chair while I went to the bathroom. We left. After about 20 min of driving, I realized I forgot my purse with the ziploc bags in it. Are you kidding me? We are in town now so with no identification or anything, I went to my bank to get some money. Amazingly, they gave it to me. We now go get in the long, never-ending line of traffic into the fairgrounds. We get to a cop that made us turn left with everyone else, despite saying we needed handicapped parking. We get to the next cop who says we have to turn and go back. Refusing to go back, I saw two parking spaces together and said we can park there. I double-parked because of the ramp, despite the cop's disapproval. We got out and hurried to the concert to get seats. Handicapped seating does have a few perks. We got front row seats and had a good time. Yes, I was sick the next 3 days.
     I don't recommend pushing God's protection to the limits like this. Use discernment when the roadblocks enter your path in life.