Sunday, January 14, 2018

God's Undeniable Sovereignty

        Welcome back, blog readers!!  What a journey and struggle it has been to end 2017 and bring in the new year , 2018.  Someone asked me, "Do you any life changing thoughts or moments to share from your kidney stone trial?"  Yes, and that's what I would like to blog about today.
         We often acknowledge that 'God is in control' of things in the big picture, but do you believe He controls the details as well?  Yes, He makes the sun rise and set, the tides flow to and fro, and has predetermined the end of each of our days.  But, does He orchestrate the details of our lives?  The answer is a profound, thankful YES!  Romans 8:28  "And we know that in all things God workfor the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."
          My entire kidney stone experience was filled with I would call "God Highlights" [GH], where I could see God controlling details for my benefit and peace of mind.  I just want to share these moments where I didn't even know anything needed changed, fixed or reassured.  I began this saga with a doctor with 20+ years experience.  His plan involved a 3 week ordeal of hospital/home, back n forth stays.  Probably due to my numerous questions and his rushed bedside manner, he handed me off to a new young, right out school doctor. [GH]  Dr. Gerald Heulitt was the best... thorough, kind, unhurried, and confident in his delivery of his 3 day hospital only plan. [GH]  Even tho I had been waiting since late October for a plan of action, I believe the delay was purposeful so that I could not only enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas but the surgery schedule for Dec. 26th and 27th was pretty empty. [GH]  My pre-op nurse was one I had as a home health nurse years ago and her presence was a reaffirming assurance that things were going to be okay. [GH]    One of my greatest fears was having to lay on my stomach for 2 hours of surgery, but the plan changed when the tube placement setup failed. [GH}  The surgery was completed sucessfully on my back, with no incision and without repeated procedures needed. [GH]  I also want to say I had an excellent team of doctors all watching out for me in every aspect involved. [GH]  These are just a few undeniable moments of God's sovereignty in this specific trial of my life.
       "Thankfully, God guides believers through times of turbulence (Ps. 23). He is the Good Shepherd, who constantly abides with His world-weary lambs. Jesus vowed to His disciples, “I will not leave you as orphans” (John 14:18). And His promise was fulfilled in the person of the Holy Spirit, who was sent to indwell and care for each of God’s followers. Paul poetically described the Spirit as a seal placed around believers until they are called to their heavenly home. In other words, He provides a protective barrier against evil forces desiring to snatch us from God’s hand."
         As God guides me through my trials and tribulations, I believe He has chosen me to be a voice to praise Him in the storms.  Though my voice may be a whisper, I use my resources to point others to Christ in whatever way He wants to use me.  The poem above "Not Just Any Life" was written by Lynda Vu for a friend of mine but he thought it applied to me as well.  It blesses me that he would think so.  I pray my life and actions do make an impact on others, so they too will consider a surrendered life and an everlasting life for and with God.

You are called with a holy calling
The light of the world to be;
To lift up the lamp of the Savior
That others His light may see. —Anon.

        As you endure the woes of life, are you able to lean on His everlasting arms?  Can you thank Him not 'for' all circumstances, but 'in' all circumstances?  Are you a reflection of Christ to comfort others in their trials of suffering?  Be the Light to another's darkness.