Monday, October 13, 2014

Should Have or Not?


         The Lord says 'vengeance is mine' but we often want to return a jab for a jab.  Do you think later when it's too late, I should have said this or that.  No, we weren't looking to say something worthy but rather spiteful.  Too many of us won't walk away from an argument invite but instead jump in feet first and insist on having the last word.  Is it better to be nice than right, in their eyes?
         I have a pillow that says 'You can agree with me or you can be wrong'.  It's kind of a joke of truth to me. We must pick and choose our battles because not all battles are worth fighting.
        The best payback we can try to return to someone is to pray for them.  Who can turn hearts from evil to good but God?  Who can direct our paths to more righteous ones but God?  When we try to do good, God is glorified.  When evil is doubled, Satan profits from it.