Friday, July 5, 2013

The Love of a Pet


     I can verify that this caption is absolutely true of both the dogs and cats I've been the owner of. They say 'touch' is very important to a healthy soul.  My cat, Tiger, loves to be near me or just to have her paw on me.  When I came home from the hospital in 2010, all my animals wanted to be near me.  They surely told me in their own way, 'we missed you and want you well.'
     Pets are great for therapy, companionship and security.  They do have a stronger sensory system than ours and I believe they can sense when we feel bad.  They are people-pleasers and can often empathize better than some humans.  If you want to spend the day in bed, they are cool with that.
     I think God shows His love to us in many forms and that includes pets.  'All creatures great and small, the Lord created them all.'