Friday, November 18, 2011

Being There

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    If you could see the future but still be in the present, would you want to?  It's a tough question. I think we'd wanna see the good but not necessarily the bad.  Doctor's offices can often be the setting for this dilemna.  Alot of people avoid the doctor entirely just to avoid knowing anything. Just come what may.
    Friends of mine recently got an unwanted glimpse of what's to come. Its scary and overwhelming. Knowing though can help you prepare and handle things better.  It can also help you know if there is anything to delay or improve matters.  No matter what comes their way, their trust is in the Lord and their hope is in Him.
     It is comforting tho to have a friend just to be there by your side. Whether you talk or not, the presence of someone lets you know they're available to your needs.  There's no friend like Jesus, but we can be a comforting friend in our own way.