Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bon Qui Qui Nite

      You might be thinking 'Bon What What??'  Well Bon Qui Qui is a character created by comedienne Anjelah Johnson.  BQQ is a ghetto blasting smartie pants that doesn't take any flack from anybody.  She worked at King Burger, where you can get your order your way but DON'T GO CRAZY.  If your order gets complicated, she will call SAC-CURITY.
       So here are the 14 of us who got together to show off our wannabe ghetto, world smacking selves. It was a fun night of enchiladas, junk food, and lots of laughs.  We watched a one hour standup routine and cracked up at all the true- isms that came up.
        That's about all I can share because what happens in da hood, stays in da hood.