Saturday, April 14, 2012

Till We Meet Again


     My favorite missionary family, the Avilez's, from Thailand have been here over the past week.  They have an orphanage over there that now has 43 children.  They not only provide food, shelter and education for the children but they teach and steer them towards the Lord.  God's word is the foundation to which they build everything upon in the children's lives.  A work ethic is not only taught but expected/required of the kids.  To quote Bobby, ''do you think the kids won't have to work when they become adults?''  The entire Avilez family sacrifices so that the children can return home to their villages and tell others about the Lord.  What a spiritual fruit bearing vine to be a part of.
     The Avilez family only gets to come back to the U.S. every four years.  After they leave on Monday, I do not know whether we will see each other in another four years.  Of course, I hope so.  I don't worry about it tho because I know both of our futures are held in His hands with His plans.
     If you are interested in learning more about their wonderful, inspiring ministry... go to