Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Spark

      Yesterday as Charlene came in the door, Tiger jumped off the bed and ran as fast as she could towards her direction.  I thought, 'wow, is she excited to see her or what?'  Well I'll tell you 'what' it was..... a lizard ran in my closet.  No, he's not the first and probably not the last.  So Charlene pulls out all of my shoes with Cara and Detective Tiger at her side in search for it.  No luck but several hours later he did run back out the door.  Yeah.
      Well this lizard incident did spark a fire to go thru my shoes and eliminate some.  I did get rid of 4 pair, one in the trash and three to pass on.  Can you have too many shoes?  Of course not.
      This caption above reminds us that each of us have our own purpose and journey to fulfill.  No one can do it for us.  Things can be replaced but people can't.  There is only one you so keep your shoes on the right path and wipe them clean of worldly dirt.