Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Be Like..


     I thought this was a pretty funny picture.  With it being hunting season now, maybe it'll be food for thought for some before heading into the woods.  It brings two thoughts to my mind.
     First, we are made in God's image but we must transform our minds and hearts to be like His to really 'catch' what He wants from our lives.  We must lose our self and let there be more of Him and less of us in every aspect of our lives.  His ways and thoughts are greater than ours.  Do people see Christ in you?
     Secondly, we must share the gospel with people on their level.  Squirrels talk and understand squirrel talk.  People sometimes like to use big words to sound important but it's useless if the other person has no comprehension of it.  Jesus says 'come to me like little children.'
    Who do you want to be like......Christ or the world?  What you reflect to others is clearer than the mirror you look into in the morning.