Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So? What About Me?


     Have you ever came home to this kind of greeting after a bad day?  Your kids or your spouse meet you at the door with 'their' list of needs that need attention right this very second?  All you need is five to ten minutes to collect yourself, right?  Locking yourself in the bathroom seems like a reasonable option.
     So let's say you do get those few minutes to yourself, what's the best way to use that time?  Recount all the bad things that happened that day?  No.  Prepare your outlash remarks for when you do come out?  No.  Take the time to pray for a peaceful disposition, a righteous attitude and a forgiving heart for those you felt wronged you that day?  Yes, most definetely the best use of your time.
     For those waiting at the door ready to ambush you with requests, Patience.  Timing can make a world of difference in the response you get.
     We all have responsibilities that must get done but when we think and care about each other's needs first, it can be done alot smoother and peacefully.