Tuesday, October 16, 2012


     Okay, so I don't have a green thumb.  I like flowers and plants but I don't give them the daily attention they probably need.  I just know they are there then suddenly I'll notice a wilted, droopy look.  When did it last get watered...hmm, if I can't remember then it's probably past time.
     We often get busy in our own lives and neglect things and people.  ''I've just been too busy to ....''  If you're too busy to read your Bible daily, then you're busier than God intended you to be.  When we do this, we are neglecting ourselves of the soul's nourishment.  Your droopiness will appear in your attitude and fellowship.  We also get self absorbed and neglect those we should be helping or staying in touch with.  Whether near or far, it is important to maintain relationships with those we care about.  Facebook helps me stay connected with friends but even so I find myself being neglectful with them.
      Aren't you glad God is never neglectful?  'I will never forsake you.'  He cares for us in so many ways we don't even recognize.  He is the fountain from which all blessings flow.