Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Way Back Wednesday

Psalm 90:14
''Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.''

     Okay this picture is proof that I have never been a morning person. I've barely got my eyes open. Photography should be illegal before noon, don't you think? 
     Morning, what does it mean to you?  It's a new dawn, it's a new day.  God has granted you another day of life with His great faithfulness.  'This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.'
     Maybe it would be a good idea to think on that before we think about our busy agendas for the day. Start the day with an attitude of gratitude to the Lord, whether it be 5am [not me] or 9am.

FBF Prayer Requests for February


Martin and Hansy Tuohy
 -- Please pray that I would have the wisdom needed to deal with a serious church discipline issue on the Faroe Islands that I have been dealing with since Christmas. Sadly, the elders up there don't seem inclined to want to do much about it!

  --Pregnancy is going well and we are excited to meet the little boy in about 3 months. Please pray for endurance and wisdom for Hansy as she goes about being a stay at home mom in this feminist society.

Lesley Wolfe

       The translation check of 20 chapters in Genesis and 4 in Exodus.  We’ll begin Monday, Jan 30th and finish up on Friday or Saturday (Feb  3rd or 4th).
a.       Pray for Kwia, as he listens for the first time in his life to these chapters, and then answers questions concerning them from my consultant, Paul Cheshire.
b.      Pray for BK as he hears once again these chapters --- we’ll be finishing up the story of Joseph, then will be going through Genesis 1-11, and some other chapters (i.e., the story of Abraham and Isaac), and then Exodus 1-4.
c.       Pray for Paul as he checks the translation of these chapters.
d.      Pray for us all ---- our time together working and eating and just hanging out together at night.  That our times together would be profitable and enjoyable!!

Ted and Priscilla Clark

Please continue to pray with us for the political situation in Mexico.  Pray for wisdom and power to be given to the government forces working to restore law and order in the country.  Pray for a complete cleansing from corruption in their midst, for a spiritual revival among them, and for a zeal for justice and truth.  Pray for the Lord to quickly bring down the forces of evil, which have become so powerful in Mexico.  Pray for the Lord’s hand of protection on us, and on the many Christian workers throughout the country.

Pray for the numerous people who attend our church regularly, and perhaps think they are believers, but have not trusted Christ yet.  Pray for the work of God’s Spirit in their hearts, convincing them of their sin and bringing them to trust in Him alone for salvation.  Pray for the many Bible studies being carried out each week  with unbelievers.  Pray for the light of salvation to enter each of these homes.

Denny and Arlene Norris

1.  We are grateful to the Lord for this last weekend where our church attended a conference/camp in Brookings, Oregon with several other Spanish speaking churches.  The word was taught and there were great challenges regarding holiness, the gospel,  and wisdom regarding how to raise children.   Several unbelievers attended with us.  We ask you to pray for the salvation of two Mexican men who attended...Art and Mitchel.

2.  On Wednesday evenings we are studying what God has to say about marriage and the family.  Pray that God would use this time to build strong families in our church.  After the study we all (children & parents) go to the gym to play indoor soccer.  We ask that you pray for Obadiah and Rebecca's rebellious 14 year old son (Alejandro).  Obadiah came to Christ over a year ago;  he is really growing and wants to honor the Lord.  His wife Rebecca (who has know the Lord for a longer period of time) also has a strong desire to obey the Lord.  Besides their 14 year old son Alejandro, they have 2 other younger children.  

3.  We also ask you to pray for Fernando & Erica... who are receiving an evangelistic study in their home.  Their work schedules and activities have made it difficult for the study to be constant.  Pray with us that God will use His word to bring faith to their hearts.  

4.  Pray that God will raise up elder-quality  men from among the body.  There are 4 men who desire to grow;  they are all faithfully reading and study  God's word and are also involved in serving the church on Sundays.    We are studying the book of I Timothy on Wednesday mornings as well as the book of Romans on Sunday evenings.  

Bobby and Namatha Avilez

1.       Pray that disgruntled former staff or students would gather to pray for us rather than to light fires of untruths about us. Pray that the hearers of the gossip would ask for clarifications, rather than run with it!
2.       Pray for Kent and Ramy, our new staffers from India, as they prepare to take over the House of Hope leadership during Bobby and Namatha’s trip back to the States and Belize

Phillip and Sandra Prime

Please continue to pray for Jesús and Angeles. A few days ago they captured most of the men who were involved in the kidnapping. Pray that the Lord would work in the lives of their kids, especially Ismael.

Pray for our 2 upcoming evangelistic outreaches: Friday the 10th we will return to the hospital to do our monthly outreach and Sunday evening the 12th we have our Valentine's evangelistic outreach. We are showing an evangelistic movie (Late One Night) and serving a spaghetti dinner with all the trimmings.

Monica Sernatinger

1. Please, continue to pray that the Lord would provide a missionary family to come and continue with the church planting ministry here in Puruándiro. As a church we need shepherding and boldly reaching out to others. May the Lord continue to prepare the men for eldership.
2. We recently found out that Coral had been lying to us and never broke her engagement. Please, pray for her repentance. She plans to get married in March.