Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Way Back Wednesday--Bull Shoals

     Well I don't have a story to go with this picture and I don't have a picture for my story so I'm combining them on this blog.  I was about 7 here and that's about the age that I was when we took a camping trip to Bull Shoals.
     I'm not a big fan of camping but my parents like to go so we went alot while I was growing up.  Back then, we had an orange and white striped camper that fit on the back of the truck.  It was tiny. It had a stove/sink to the left, a table that folded into a bed on the right and a bed over the cab of the truck. That's it, a far cry from the RV now.
     We went fishing during the trip, which I always loved. On this particular trip, we had fished all day and were headed back UP the shoals.  Well the rocks weren't too kind to our motor.  We'd go a little ways then a shearing pin in the motor would break.  We drifted back down and try again. We had about 4 pins with us and everyone of them broke. At one point, they both got out of the boat and tried to walk the boat upstream.  My mom who had her lifejacket on lost her grip and footing and floated off out of sight. So I'm in the boat alone and my dad, without a lifejacket, has a hold on the boat. If he had lost his grip, I would have been like Unsinkable Molly headed for trouble.  He got in the boat and we found my mom clinging to a limb not too far away.  So now what?  My dad, who must be related to McGuyver, had a nail-like object that he turned into a pin.  It was a last ditch effort.  He had my mom and I get out of the boat and walk the brushy bank. 'What about snakes?'  He said it was too cold for them and there wouldn't be any.  So we walked and he made it across the shoals this time.  It is still a vivid memory to me so I must have been scared out of my mind.  Oh, and guess what was outside our camper door the next morning?  Yes, a snake.
     We only see a glimpse of God's protection over us but isn't that enough to make us tremble at the thought of being separated from Him?