Wednesday, April 15, 2015


               Let me begin with a little squirrel talk.  Our dog, Jack, loves to chase squirrels and yet has never caught one.  He never loses his love for the chase but I wonder if he gets frustrated with himself?
              I think we can often recognize when we lose our patience with others, but do we see the extra needed patience with ourselves?  Someday, I want to just run out the door on a moment's notice without a checklist of health issues.  If I am impatient with myself, it usually comes back to bite me.  Like if I ignore a cough before going somewhere, it'll get worse and cause me to leave early.  Patience with myself has been learned, but yet never mastered.  Waiting is better than rushing, or so I have found.
             I am overwhelmed by God's patience with me.  I think we should be understanding with our flaws and imperfections within us because God is.