Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Worth It

Morning of college graduation

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NIU Graduation, Aug 1994

     If I've done anything right in my life, it was to finish school completely.  That's right I'm not going back.  I wouldn't say the academics was the hardest part for me but the going and doing it every day was.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that it was physically tough for me. Those huge heavy books, the constant fast-paced notetaking and the ability to get to where my class was were just a few of the challenges that stick out in my mind.  My first two years at UCA I refused to use a scooter.  Yes, I was prideful but I also knew that if I could make it without it, then it was better for me. No, it certainly was not easier to do without it.
     With my degree I was able to get my job at the lab, after two years of relentless job searching.  I enjoyed 5 great years there.
     If the joy it all brought me is not enough to express to you how worth it it all was then I'll tell you more.  I now still benefit greatly from it all financially and have wonderful health insurance.  If I only had government health insurance, woah, let's just say it'd be bad.  God knew what I needed then and now so He paved the way and gave me the strength to achieve it.