Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cirque du Soleil

     As Billy Joel would say 'Oh, what a night.'  We went to see this show at Verizon arena last night.  The weather was perfect at 65 degrees, which is highly unusual for December.  We had great seats to see everything.  I took my machine and enjoyed all night cough-free, an answered prayer. The show is a mixture of eastern and western chinese acrobatics. I highly recommend the show for both kids and adults. If you're wondering where all your strength, flexibility, and energy went, these performers stole it while we were all standing in the DNA line..ha. No, really the training they must do is probably overwhelming.
     A few of my favorite acts are as follows but everything was great and amazing.  There was a ring that hung down from the ceiling.  A woman hung from that ring by her neck, her arched back, and her feet.  She did all this while twirling and flipping around in midair.  Part of the stage setup was a wall with two small rectangular trampolines in front of it. The guys would jump off the top of the wall, down to the trampoline, and then walk up the wall like cool.  There was a juggler that kept 4-6 balls going while doing all kinds of acrobatic tricks on the stage floor. There was also a couple that did a love story kind of act as they swung around on long fabric that came down from the ceiling like ribbon. The woman, so strong, held the man in midair by one arm. There was a jump rope team that formed a 7-4-1 person pyramid that jumped without breaking formation.  It's all just 'wow' throughout the whole show and this is just a snipet of it all.
     After the show, since I was doing so well, we went to IHOP. A blueberry crepe and coffee were the perfect ending to a wonderful night.  Praise to Him who showers me with blessings every day but this night was a downpour of goodness.