Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Way Back Wednesday......Christmas

     This is me with Santa at about age 4.  I picked this picture because today is July 25th, which means Christmas is five months away from today.  Aagh, I know!  Doesn't it feel like we just finished the craziness of the holidays not too long ago?  The shopping, the get togethers, the decorating, and everything else.  I'm not saying I don't enjoy all of it but it just seems to come faster each year.
     What we don't have to wait on is celebrating Christ every day of the year.  We should recognize His significance in our lives 24/7 and 365 days.  Some people are called ''CEO's'' because they only go to church on Christmas and Easter.  Now while those are important dates so are the other 50 weeks and Sundays of the year.  What if God only thought of you on those days?  He doesn't limit His faithfulness like we do, thankfully.  'His love endures forever.'
     We also don't have to wait till Christmas to ask for things.  The prayer line is always open and ready for your call.  'Ask and you shall receive, according to His will.'  We have a hard enough time waiting on God's answers, aren't you glad we don't have to wait to ask too?
      As Christmas does approach us at record speed, go ahead and be grateful with what you've already been given.