Sunday, December 29, 2013

I Hate to Be Humbled

Choose to be humble.

     I like to 'appear' put together and at my best when around others, even when I'm not up to par.  As they say, 'Fake it till ya make it.'  Well sometimes, you get caught off guard unexpectedly.
     Today as we drove into church, I didn't recognize the car in front of us.  As we were getting ready to unload, a woman was walking toward us and the church.  Even after 25 years, I knew that was my friend from high school, Tabetha.  I wanted to greet her, as well as hide.  I had my mask on and it was not how I wanted her to recognize and see me after all these years.  Of course, Tabetha knew me and was as sweet as ever.  It was great to visit with her, after I left my pride outside in the van.  It was a humbling experience, but there was greater joy to see my friend from long ago.
     Life is a process of changes and it keeps us humble.  I am the same girl who drove endless miles cruising Levy in my red Prelude that waved and honked at friends, like Tabetha, every weekend.  Now I am with a few more miles with wear and tear to show for it.  True friends, like Tabetha, accept you for who you really are, despite the changes we have all been dealt.