Tuesday, December 11, 2012


    Well this is a very hard lesson to learn and remember.  Alot of us are people pleasers so we think others will do, what we would do.  That is not the case.  People will disappoint us, as much as we disappoint ourselves and others. We have to be careful not to become fault finders but to give grace.  The my way road can steer us to unflexibility, harsh attitudes and self-centeredness.  Let's all take a moment to sigh.. yes we've all been there.
    Do not put your trust in man.  A famous quote but hardly ever followed completely.  People sometimes think a new baby will fix a broken relationship.  How wrong and what a burden to put on someone.  People sometimes think if I meet the right person then my world will be complete.  You can't be happy or make someone else happy, until you are satisfied with yourself first.
   So do we just set the bar lower?  I think it's a mixed answer.  We should give without expecting anything in return.  We should expect of ourselves, the same expectations we set for others.  Know that being let down is par for the course of life, don't dwell on it.
    God will never disappoint His children.  You can trust Him completely and expect great things beyond your understanding.