Thursday, October 18, 2012


     I can always tell when the litter box needs changed.  No, it doesn't take long before it overwhelms the room.  No one wants to linger in a stinky room.  Even my cats want a clean bathroom to go in.  Who can blame them, I want my bathroom clean too.
     Our minds should be as quick to discern what is right or not right to expose ourselves to.  False teaching should be like a bad smell to you as well.  Some preachers just do sermons on what sounds good or what they think people want to hear and avoid the subject of sin and repentance.
     The Holy Spirit is our discernment guide to a believer's conscience.  We get that feeling that this is wrong and it's up to us to follow that.  We must use the Word to confirm that we are in agreement with the direction God wants us to take.