Wednesday, March 28, 2012




1. "The Biggest Question" gospel DVD. Hoping to pass them out at the local university campus. Pray that not one would go unwatched and that we would be prepared to minister to those who may be drawn to the Father.
2. Hansy and the new baby. Due date is 4/25.
3. Wisdom, joy and courage to follow God's leading whatever this may mean. Current considerations are to either try starting a new church plant here in Denmark or going to Puruandiro, MX.

Aaron and Amy, (my co-workers who live in Liberia), are in the process of having their house built.  The first 3 weeks of April, Aaron’s father and brother, Ruben, will be with them, helping Aaron do as much as they can the finish the house so it’s livable.  The last week of April A&A’s language consultant is scheduled for a visit with them, during which time he’ll check their progress, give guidance, etc.  So be praying:
(1)    For Aaron’s father and brother’s 3-week visit.  It’s the hot season right now, they’ll be staying in A&A’s village house (mud and thatch), and, well, life won’t be exactly like it is for them back home in Germany!  Pray for them as they work in the heat, are exposed to malaria bearing mosquitos, are surrounded by Glaro people with whom they will not be able to communicate, etc.! 
(2)    A&A will be making long trips from the village to Monrovia, picking up their April guests.  Pray for safety for them all as they travel…..both by plane and then by car while in Liberia.
1. Please pray for our huge Easter camp April 5-8.  There are around 450 people scheduled to come.  We need the Lord's grace and blessing for every detail of this camp.
2.  Thank you for praying with us for the new discipleship program at the camp.  The kids are doing well and have been a great blessing in carrying out numerous evangelistic efforts and helping with up-keep on the camp property.  Each morning, we begin with a through-the-Bible study for the whole group, before they go to their various work assignments.  They are memorizing Scripture, reading and studying large portions of the Bible and reading other books to help in their spiritual growth.  Please pray for these young people.


1. Lord willing we will be taking the books to Family Camp from the 5th to the 8th of April; pray for safety, that the Lord would hide the bus from the sight of those who might want to stop us for monetary reasons and also that the Lord would use this material to bless His people--helping them to mature in their faith and grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Pray for the new work in Irapuato. Praise God with us for the wonderful help of the Mendoza family. The Lord is maturing Jesús and Delia in the faith and they have proved to be a perfect and valuable complement to the work here.

Thanks for praying for Juan Carlos and Karina. She (and 3 others) was baptized last Sunday (in the river on our camp-out with several other churches). She and her husband Juan Carlos, who is not far from the Kingdom, continue to be faithful.

Thanks for praying for Jesús Valdenegro. The Lord has matured him in the faith. The Lord used the kidnapping to produce in him a sweeter spirit and a stronger faith.


1.       Please pray for our House of Hope kids while they are at home in Burma over the summer holidays. Pray for their safety and protection and pray that many would ask about what they have been learning at the House of Hope and that families, friends and strangers would want to learn more about Jesus.
2.       Pray for the rest of the Avilezs trip to the states.  So far, after over 3000 miles,  we have seen more hotel rooms and some living rooms . We have yet to share in a church but God has His plans and ways so we are in the best hands! We hope to arrive for a 10 day stay at the Faith missionary house on April 9th! Looking forward to reconnecting with everyone!


1. Our co-laboring missionaries Brad and Lindsay Sturm  recently updated us on the armed assault they went thru, while at home this past weekend, and how the Lord lovingly protected them. Earnestly pray for them. The Sunday before this happened (two weeks ago) they had been here with us, sharing in the Lord's Supper, and stayed until Wednesday morning, since Brad was repairing the tile on our kitchen and fixing other things around our house... They sure are a blessing to us and to many... Please, pray for protection for them and the rest of the missionaries.

2. Thank you for praying for Juan and Erika. They had been struggling in their walk with Jesus. Well, Saturday night, while several of us were away camping (participating in Padres en Accion camp), we received a call from Erika. Juan had been picked-up by the authorities being accused of selling drugs. It was around 5 pm, and he was smoking a cigarette just a few yards from the house of his mother in law when two police trucks arrived, and started demanding from him to tell them where was the drug hidden. Erika, her mother, and the children, all came out to try to convince the police that he did not sell drugs, and had no drugs hidden, but to no avail. They took him anyway to the hill country, they beat him up very badly (all his body and head, except for his face that was covered with a black plastic bag provoking suffocation and choking), demanding, over and over again, where was he hiding the drugs. He kept telling them that he has never sold them, or uses them anymore. Meanwhile, Erika went to the local police and other agencies to try to find out where Juan was and for how long. They told her that no report had come in and they did not know what happened or where he could be. Finally, after four hours, Juan was dropped off at a lonely street, and he called Erika to pick him up. They had also stolen his weekly salary.  As you can imagine, this has been a very traumatic event in their lives, but they could see the hand of God. Juan says that thru all of it, he was praying to the Lord asking for mercy and for his kids, Aileen (9) and Juanito (6). Erika says that she could not imagine her life without Juan and so she was earnestly praying that they would return him alive.
    As the church learned of this, everyone has been very compassionate and helping them. Juan and Erika have felt God's love and care. At the women's meeting she thanked the Lord that now she knew that the church was not only a group but a family... Praise the Lord!  Please, continue to pray for this dear couple, and their family.  Thank you.

Way Back Wednesday-- Washed


     Well, this picture of me in the hot tub is the closest picture I could come up with to relate to the topic.  The caption is more the focus.
      I LOVE a hot shower.  I like the water to be just a tad below causing a 3rd degree  When I was younger, my shower had at least a foot high stepup to get into it.  I hated it because it always scared me.  I had to use the towel bracket to hoist myself in there and cling to as I got out.  I could easily stay in there until the hot water tank was empty.  As the caption suggests, the shower is a quiet, soothing place to think.  I miss that quiet time now that I have to have help and feel rushed.  The best bathroom I've ever been in was in the hotel in Cancun, MX.  It was huge and I suspect they had a huge hot water supply.  As you might have gathered, I'm not into water
     The most important cleansing is to be washed by the blood of the Lamb.  Are your garmets spotless and white as snow that have been stained with sin?  The only soul-cleansing thing is the blood of Jesus.  I'm so glad we can turn to Him for mercy and grace without animal or other ritual sacrifices.  The shedding of blood has always been required to cover our sins, but Jesus' death and His blood covered once and for all.
      I encourage you today, to go get washed up with His soul-cleansing power.

      No one sings it better than Alan Jackson... click to listen here..