Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Come A Long Way

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     Okay, I'm going to date myself here but who remembers when Walmart was in the Indian Hills shopping center?  It seems so long ago. Walmart has come a long way since then and me too.  As a young teenager, I used to hide behind racks or go to another part of the store while my mom looked at the clothes.  ''Angelia, come look at this.''  Seriously?  She could have shown me the cutest thing ever and I would have hated it just because we were in Walmart.  My perspective changed when I was on my own and footing the bill.  Ha.  As I'd show things I'd bought, I didn't hesitate to say it was from Walmart.
     The value of a dollar is a good lesson learned.  Kids often think they're going to have their parents lifestyle and pay grade as soon as they move out.  Not so, it takes time and hard work. Where stuff comes from shouldn't really matter, either you like it or you don't. It's all susceptible to moths, fire and wear n tear.  Some things are worth the extra price for quality.  I'd rather tell about a bargain than tell how some brand label took my last dollar.  Manage your money and purchases wisely because there's only so much in the bank.