Friday, August 5, 2011

drive by alan jackson


I have been driving something I think since the age of 2.  Beginning with a tricycle, Big Wheels, bicycle, go-cart, three wheeler, riding mower, car, and scooter. Driving has been a big part of my life. Dirt donuts were my claim to fame on the go-cart. We lived across from a playground that had a low spot that collected dirt. You go around the playground about 3 times picking up speed then slam the brakes in the dirt, spinning the go-cart in a whirlwind of dust. oh what fun. Now to the three wheeler that can enable you to fly, ha. Seriously, Burns Park used to have sand dunes to ride on and you can catch air if you go fast enough. We have a picture of me in the air on the three wheeler. I also did my share of mowing on our 2.5 acres and at my grandparents place in the country, not so bad minus the ticks and rocks, lol. Finally, a car at last. Cruising Levy was the thing to do back in high school. Yes, driving a mile in a circular path for hours..ha. I drove most of the time and I may be partly to blame for McCain Blvd being a 30mph no tolerance zone now. Speed limit to me means speed minimum...doing 35 in a 45 zone is just not right. Over the years, my guardian angels have been fast on their feet and thankfully protected my speedy self.

Due to my progressive weakness, I gave up driving on my own in 2003. Driving is a major sign of independence and freedom but you can't be selfish. You must know your limits and consider that others lives are at stake. This will be a reality someday for most of us. Don't make a hard choice more difficult by being selfish, the consequences could be deadly.
Hoping to be a speed angel in heaven one day..............angie