Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Stuck, Now What?

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     Have you ever gotten yourself stuck and had to wait for help?  It's an uncomfortable place to be in.  We are so used to being independent of help from others. 'Need some help? No, I got it.'  Pride is often a barrier to our acceptance of help. If someone is kind enough to offer help, shouldn't you be gracious enough to accept it?
     One time when I lived in the duplex in Springfield, I let my dog out without a leash. She went where I couldn't see her so I got off the sidewalk onto the grass.  It was cold with a little snow on the ground.  I called Brandi to come on and then realized my scooter was now stuck.  Brandi kept peaking out the door as if to say 'aren't you coming?'  So there I sat, cold without a coat. Pray and wait were my only options. My prayer was answered rather quickly when a neighbor came home and pushed my scooter out of the mud.
     They say ''when all you have left is God, you realize thats enough.''  Ask and you will receive, if its His will.  How many ways does God have to tell us that He is there for us, on our side and able to provide for all our needs. We have to talk with Him daily tho.  Prayer is our life line for help in all areas of our lives, not just when we're stuck.