Sunday, July 1, 2012




1.       Due to the recent mercenary raids/attacks in southwestern Ivory Coast, which is the Kroumen region of the country (the Glaro are a part of the Kroumen ethnic group), there is a lot of tension right now between the two major, non-Kroumen ethnic groups who also live in this region and the Kroumen.  Long story short, these two non-Kroumen groups feel that the Kroumen are behind the recent mercenary raids/attacks, the purpose being to run them out of the region so that they (the Kroumen) can confiscate their plantations (i.e., cocoa and palm).  This tension has taken hold in our village, too, and is serious.  In fact, three meetings have been called in the last couple of weeks (two by government and military officials, and one by our village elders) to try to address and correct this notion that the Kroumen are wanting to rid their area of these two other ethnic groups.  It’s a serious issue, with each ethnic group now fearing the other.  Please be praying that these two other (and major) ethnic groups will hear and believe what the Kroumen (and in our case, the Glaro) are telling them --- which is, they have no desire or intention of either harming them, chasing them out of our region, or confiscating their plantations.    
2.       With the recent deployment of more military and UN forces in our area, the villagers in Beoue (“my” village) are feeling safe.  They tell me that all is fine there now and want to know when I’m coming back.  My ‘son’, who lives in another town on the coast and is going to school, called me today to tell me that he’d had the same dream twice, which was, someone was telling him that it was now okay for me to return to the village.  I told him that that was great, and that I’d let my NTM leaders know about his dream and see what they have to say!!  For the time being, I’m still on the coast.  I don’t know how long I’ll be here.  But I’m thankful for my accommodations, and the fact that the work of translation can and is continuing from here!!  And I have so many, many things to be thankful for… your prayers and concern.  Thank you.


1. Reformation Resurrection camp (10-13 of July). May the teaching (I think the topic is evangelism) be clear and the believers receptive and determined to obey. This is a camp organized by a Reformed Baptist church and attended by believers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

2. As we continue to seek Gods direction for our family: patience, diligence in seeking His face, faithfulness in the day to day ministry opportunities.

1. Please, pray for Jean, Jamie's sister. Recently she had eye surgery and since, she has asked four times for Jamie's last message. I have just finished transcribing it into Spanish and translating it into English. May the Word of God speak to her heart and be saved. I will also be sending it to the rest of Jamie's sisters, Judy and Jessica, and his brother Charlie, Mom Ann and Aunt Janet. Thank you for praying for these precious souls.

2. Please, pray Javis and his dad Rafa. They will be going out of town to work for three months, and will be coming home only on Sundays. They will be surrounded by three other relatives and other men that drink heavily, and in the past have been a great stumbling block for Rafa. May the Lord sustain them. Thank you for praying.
1.       Pray for an extra mile attitude among the House of Hope Staff
2.       Pray that more of our children would embrace the Truth and walk in it. Pray that the Lord would help them to see the sinfulness of sin!
3.    The donations to the orphanage at House of Hope to increase  immediately since they cannot pay for necessities with the recent big drop in donations.     For Wisdom for what to do.       For the Lord to send a church interested in the Shan orphan kids in Thailand.


JULY 8--‐14  Please pray for the young girls camp(13--‐17yrs.) taking place this week.  Pray for the work of the Lord in the lives
of each of the 40 or so girls who will be attending this camp.
JULY 15--‐21  This week is the young boys camp.  Pray again for the Lord’s work in the heart of each of these 50  young men, that
this week would be a turning point in the lives of many, leading to salvation and a greater commitment to and love for the Lord,
His Word and His work.