Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just Thinkin'

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     To me this squirrel looks like he's thinking. ''Now where, oh where, did I store those nuts for this winter?''  I often hide presents during the year and then when the occasion for it arrives, I've forgotten not only where I put it but the gift itself. I found a birthday gift just the other day that will now be a Christmas
     Have you ever gone to the store to find and replace your favorite lipstick or hair color and they no longer have it?  Yea, the company has now come up with the 'new and improved' version.  It's never the same.  I think they do this so you have to buy more than one to find the closest match.  I found out the other day, the company that makes my breathing mask is discontinuing it...aghhh!  I've tried umpteen number of masks and this is 'the only' one that comfortably fits my face and doesn't leak too bad.  So do I trust that God will provide for what I truly need?  Yes!  How has it been proven to me already?  My local medical supplier has stock piled a two year supply of masks and parts for me. The respiratory therapist even said they have a shelf saying 'Do not touch. For Angie Bridger.'  ha
    Whatever you need in your life, God will provide.  You may not know ahead of time, like I did in this case, but that's where trust in Him comes in.