Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Word


     I said I wasn't going to write this blog because there was just too much to refute, and yet I feel I must say something.  I watched part of Barbara Walter's special on 'Heaven.'  There were so many man-made theories discussed that I can see how an unbeliever wouldn't know what to consider.  A common theme throughout the program was about living a good and decent life.  The existence of both heaven and hell was questioned.  As a Buddist Richard Gere thinks heaven and hell are right now, depending on your life's circumstance. I don't think this program was necessarily helpful but instead a bombardment of man's ways of living on made-up knowledge to justify their way to a peaceful eternity.
    The Bible is the most tested, researched proven book in the world for the longest time.  Our questions are all answered in His Word.  For every false remark in this program, there is scripture to refute it. Look it up and investigate the truth. 'We are saved by grace, not by works.'  God knows how weak our minds and flesh are, that's why He gave us a guidebook to follow.  The arrogance of people to think they have it all figured out on their own is a death trap.
    Read, follow and trust in His Word.  Faith in yourself is worthless, Faith in Him is priceless.