Monday, June 23, 2014

Oklahoma Texas Trip

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us. #Travelquote

            I'm back from the land of no internet.  We left last Thursday for Thackerville, OK and got there about 930pm.  We stayed at the RV park at the Winstar Casino.  Friday we went to the outlet mall in Gainsville, TX, which is only 5 miles away.  It was mostly closed down but we made the most of the few stores still left.
           Friday night, Charlene and I went to the John Mellencamp concert at the casino.  He played all of his greatest hits and rocked the house.  I did a couple of twirls and danced my heart out.  A 'friendly' guy who liked my free spirit gave me a high five and a hug after the concert was over. We had great seats but had to move to an even better spot when everybody stood up.
           After the concert, we went out to the lobby to look for concert tshirts... none found.  So we saw a lady with a tshirt and she said they were inside the concert area.  We went to go back in and Security would not let us back in for ANY reason.  We went to another door and got the same response.  I was beyond frustrated.  So a guy coming out saw I wanted in and held the door for me.  I took off in there with no hesitation.  As I quickly surveyed the room for tshirt sales, Security was yelling at my deaf ears 'Ma'am, MA'AM, MA'AM'.  I saw nothing so I went back out where Charlene was.  She said they didn't know how determined I can be.. or maybe she meant stubborn...ha.
             Saturday we drove to Frisco, TX.  While en route to IKEA, I saw the indoor skydiving center.  I so wanted to do that but they were booked up for the next two weekends.  So we shopped at IKEA and a crafty antique marketplace.  We also ate at In n Out Burgers, which I had heard of but never seen.
            We had a great time.  Thanks to my mom and dad and Charlene for making the trip possible and fun.