Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Others First

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     Putting the needs of others before our own is a way of showing grace and kindness. It will make you feel good too.  I visited a friend yesterday who recently had a baby and has been cooped up for a while.  I certainly know how that feels,[the cooped up], and the good feeling that a little company brings.  Yes, it was pouring down with rain yesterday and her house is not the easiest to get into for me.  I gladly did it for her and the rewards for me were joy-filled.
     If you question doing something for someone that may take a lil extra effort, ask yourself  'would you want them to do it for you?'  Giving someone a ride, giving to the love offering, or visiting someone in the nursing home are just a few examples of doing your part to sacrifice a little of you for someone else.
    The ultimate grace was shown to us when God sent His Son to save us from sin.  If we truly want to be like Him, then we will think and act with grace by putting others before ourselves.