Friday, November 11, 2011

A Star Is Born?

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     I love Molly Shannon's character, Mary Katherine on SNL, to say 'Superstar'
    Most kids like to dress up and pretend to be a 'Superstar.' The attention, the glamour and attempted talent is fun.  It makes you feel bigger than you think you are.
     When I was 4, we went to a music show up in Mountain View.  Near the end of the show, they asked if anyone in the audience wanted to come up on stage. I asked if I could and my parents said yes.  They say I got a lil shy after I got up there.  After the show, my dad had to go looking for me.  He found me backstage walking up and down the hall. 'What are you doing,' he asked.  'I'm looking for my dressing room!'
    Often kids will dress up as their role models...teacher, parent, etc.  Be the role model that you'd like to see imitated by your kid.