Saturday, March 10, 2012

Who's Voice?

Jeff Dunham and Peanut. Seriously funny guy

     We went last night to Verizon arena to see the ventriliquist, Jeff Dunham.  It was a great, funny show, although uncensored- unlike on television.  My favorite puppet is Walter, a grumpy old man who tells it like it is regardless of what others think. Jeff has six main puppets with all different personalities. It was a good night of laughter.
      The idea of puppets makes me think about our own voices.  God didn't create us to be puppets so He gave us freewill.  Yet, He is our master. Is your voice being controlled by the Master?  It says in the Bible, we are not defiled by what goes into our mouths but by what comes out of it.  If we each had a mouth filter, how much dirt would yours catch?
      Here's a quote I found that makes alot of sense...  'When words reach the tip of your tongue, hold back half of them.'