Thursday, April 17, 2014

There For Me


         Today's blog post is for two friends who help me get by with their help, Karla and Charlene.  I could not make it without these two friends.  They enable me to put all my want-to-do ideas into action.
         Today Karla and I did several Easter Bunny duties.  We delivered our balloon eggs that we made last week, we shopped for easter basket goodies, and filled plastic eggs with candy.  Karla helps me bless others because she is such a blessing to me.
         Charlene is also my helper and friend for so many years. There is no way I could list all of the ways she has been a generous and faithful friend to me.  This week she is spending her nights with me so that my dad could go on a church fishing trip.  She is a gift of love from God to me ever since I moved back here in 2001.
         These two ladies are my friends to the end and bless me beyond measure.  How great Thou Art is His grace and mercy to me.


  1. I'd like to add my THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to Charlene and Karla. What wonderful examples of untiring love you two ladies are.

  2. How sweet of you! Praise the lord for these 2 precious ladies. And i know they are just as thankful for you :-) And "i get by with a little help".... makes me think of the Beatles, didn't they sing a song about that??
    susan f.

  3. They are wonderful friends because they are basically wonderful JEsus-followers. I think that's the basis for the type of friendship and love they demonstrate. But the Bible also says that to have friends you must show yourself friendly. What I'm saying is that you have attracted two such friends - and I think they are unusually giving - because you are the same type of friend.

  4. Ditto all the comments thankful for Charlene and Karla. And I am sure they would tell us what a wonderful blessing you are to you are to all of us!! Much love, T.