Friday, April 18, 2014

Foto Friday

My flowerbed with
new gerber daisies 

My flowerpot with new
spring flowers
Easter find at Shoporama
My dad's fishing trip at
Lake Merasak

Glass art at Garvan Gardens

Glass chandelier

Looking up through the
Our Easter eggs --with hope

Our Easter egg


  1. As always, I enjoy the pics! Maybe we should say, "Hope you guys find a different type of Easter egg project for next year..." Ha! Still, it was fun... Sort of helped glue our friendship together..... (Sorry... I couldn't resist... LY)

  2. We've tried those before, too. Didn't work. I was anxious to see yours work. Too bad!

  3. Did that project in P.E.O. and had a HUGE mess. They did work....we used much larger eggs....but it is not something I would want to do again. I will be glad to fork over some of the money to go buy eggs!! Great pics....always love your Foto Fridays! T.

  4. I hate that the easter egg project didn't work:-( Love the pics of the flowers though!