Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Calm Right Now


           Life is full of waves of tribulation and God sees us through those.  I feel right now that I'm enjoying the calm whispers of peace.  Yes, the storms inside me don't disappear but they can be calmed down to mere gentle waves.  Harsh waves come when I try to fight life's storms on my own and need reminded of Who is in control.
         Maybe I need to clarify what I'm trying to say by being more specific.  Although I will always be considered 'sick' due to my neuromuscular disease, I have been blessed by a long stretch of wellness with no colds lately.  If I just deal with the regular daily struggles without any extra burdens, it gives me a peaceful feeling.
        Do you recognize the calm times between your storms?  Do you hear 'He whispers sweet peace to me?'  There is a universal desire for peace but there is only one true source, God.  I know His peace is a gift of love and it will be with me in both the rage and calm of all my days.


  1. Wonderful and touching blog. We are so thankful for this spell of "calm" and peace for you. Mom

  2. Your calm gentle waves would be a major storm for most of us. Your source of peace is shown thru your life daily. Good blog.. Love You ...Dad.

  3. Your example of the "peace that passes understanding" is a lifestyle that it would behoove all of us to adopt, Angie. As I've said many times, you are my role model, and if I ever complain of ANYTHING, I must look at the example that God has given me in you.

  4. Praise the lord for no colds lately!! What an encouraging blog today angie!
    susan f.

  5. I needed this right now. Thanks for sharing. Love you so much.
    Aunt Lou

  6. Ditto your Dad's comment. Your calm would truly be a major storm for most of us. So thankful you are having some "well" days. Your blog today reminds me of that old country song, "One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus". That is all we are supposed to consider anyway....in all circumstances....and not worry about tomorrow. God will take care of tomorrow. Much love, sweet friend...and wishing you continued calm days! T.