Monday, April 14, 2014

Put It On

Happy Monday!

            I know this week's weather is not like last week.  It's a cold 48 degrees with a dreary rain.  We all know the phrase, 'April showers bring May flowers', so it's just part of the process.  I know for myself, a smile is more of an effort than a natural reflex on days like these. I must remember that I have much to smile about and to focus my attention on those things.
          'You're never fully dressed without a smile.'   Have you ever gone to work and realize you forgot to brush your teeth?  You worry about your looks and breath being offensive to others.  Well your frowny or stoic facial expression can be equally offensive.  'A smile is happiness you'll find right under your nose.'
           Smiles are contagious so spread them like wild fire by turning all those frowns upside down.


  1. I'm trying to remember if I was smiling yesterday when I had to bring all my new hanging baskets and potted flowers inside! Good reminder.

  2. You make me smile every day, I may not show it on the outside, but you bring joy and happiness to me daily. So keep smiling and occasionally you may see one from me. Dad

  3. So many times when Diane Lenon and I are greeting at church, we will see people enter who look as if they are mad at the world or have lost their last friend. It makes us wonder how bad things are for them, or what has happened to make them lose their joy. I guess I am just a person who likes to laugh, but it makes me sad to see them in pain. We need to be such a friend that we can put a smile on the faces of others. We never know what they are going through. Much love....and happy faces.....T.