Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's a God Thing


    I'm having a Paula Deen nightmare moment... 'I'm out of butter!'  There is nothing that you can add to anything that will make things better like butter can.  Real butter, not some margarine or hydrogenated oil mixture.
   Convenience is our God thing that we take for granted.  We complain about 'having to go the store' but do we ever think about our local storehouses not being there?  What if I had to go milk the cow and churn it for hours on end to get my precious butter?  Would I savor it more, use it more sparingly, or appreciate it more?  We are so like Adam and Eve in that paradise wasn't enough, we always want more than we are given.
   May we think of it as if 'I get to go the store' instead of as a chore.  Our needs are being met with full supply and provision.


  1. So true! How thankful we should be that our "butter" is always right there...all we have to do is ask and it shall be given unto us...spread out, pressed down, good measure. Instead, we complain about "running out" of what we think we cannot do without at the moment. God provides us with our every need, and really He gives us over and above what we do need. What a great God is He, and how blessed are we. LOVED your visit today and it was so good to finally meet Carla. I feel I have known her for a long time already. She is precious and so sweet....come back anytime. Also, thank you so much for my "and that's that"....LOVE IT!! Can't seem to put it down. Hope you got your "real" butter (not margarine) today, girlfriend! Love you, T.

  2. I so often think of those in other countries who have never even tasted something so "everyday" as butter. The other day one of the children said she was starving, and Charity said, "You just had more for breakfast than many children get in a day or sometimes even a week." How true; we are so accustomed to everything being at our fingertips that we fail to realize the PRIVILEGE of having things..

  3. That is so funny! I love me some butter, too. After reading the "Little House" books, I was really struck with how convenient things are for us today. I think it is a blessing in so many ways. But we sure don't have the work ethic people used to have.