Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Draw Closer

Truth. God. Faith

     I thought this was a good caption to start the new year with.  If we consider today to be a new start to our lives then let's begin with a closer walk with Thee.  Before we even know what this new year will bring to try to distract us, we should try to engage in practices that enrich our lives more and more with God's presence.
     How?  When you have Scripture memorized, it can help comfort you during a trial.  When at a crossroad, verses can steer you into making the right decision.  Prayer or talking with God can help relieve you of the burdens you bear.  It's an open line of communication that hears your cry and always has the right response.
   'God wants full custody of us, not just weekend visitations.'  Are you walking with Him or is He dragging you kicking and screaming?  'Those who walk with God always reach their destination.'  'You can't walk with God and hold hands with the devil.'  So where are you headed and by whose Hand?


  1. Good blog to start the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Dad

  2. We are having the family memorized Scriptures that we memorized many years ago, and I realized that I was not spending as much time in Scripture memory as we were encouraging the rest of the family to. Thankfully I have a WEE big of a kickstart on the new year. Good reminder.

  3. You KNOW how much I love that last paragraph! Those quotes are great. I have been reading Jesus Calling every morning and a few days ago, the subject was on trusting God...that in times of stress of trial...to say, "I trust you, Jesus". I cannot tell you how many times I have said that since I read it. A lot going on in my life right now, and I must trust Him...would not dream of NOT trusting Him! I don't have a LOT of Scripture memorized (nothing like Gloria!), but the ones I do have are treasured and so comforting to me. So very thankful for God's word. Love you, T